a camp to remember
This camp has exceeded all the expectations I could have had and have had. For example I learned about the values of being a "model teen", becoming a better Catholic and transforming from a shy person into someone outgoing without having to lose your femininity.
Izabella Dulalia
camp bonfire
I really enjoy the campfire. We get to have fun with the other campers and get to know them more. What I like most of the campfire is the bonfire itself. It's really nice to look at and reminds me of fireworks. The view of the bonfire is truly relaxing, perfect for the end of the day.
Martina Olivarez
junior counselors
Our counselors are fun-loving and carefree yet responsible, and they take good care of us. If only we could stay longer. Once we leave, I will miss my counselors.
KC Borja
sport activities
The games I liked the most were ropes and survival. The ropes were really fun and exciting and the survival was very challenging.
Regina Dimanlig
making friends
Being a Junior Counselor has its perks. I kind of learned how to be more responsible and how to act like an older sister. I also learned a lot from the camp code.
Martina Olivarez
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